"Gas Invest" Ltd. is a highly qualified company on Serbian market disposing complete and necessary resources and personnel for monitoring and implementation of projects from the beginning to its end (turnkey). It has renowned specialists of all necessary profiles:
  • experienced licensed engineers for design, construction and supervision on the gas pipelines of low, medium and high-pressure,
  • own geodetic service with all necessary licenses and equipment,
  • welders with necessary approvals and professional exams passed,
  • qualified professional teams to perform cathodic protection and other electrical work,
  • other necessary ancillary services.
In April 2014, as a result of the development of the company, "Gas Invest" Ltd. gained so-called Big Licenses for design and construction on gas and oil pipelines for transport onto gas pipelines of operating overpressure over 16 bar and storages of oil, gas and petroleum products with a capacity exceeding 500 tons. This classified "Gas Invest" Ltd. among the leading domestic companies in the field of gasification at low, medium and high-pressure.
"Gas Invest" Ltd. carries out the complete works from the beginning to its end ("turnkey") in all the projects where engaged. It includes a survey of companies and citizens, creation of conceptual design, preparation of documentation for the issuance of the necessary conditions for the design, design and development of complete technical documentation for the construction of gas pipeline network, obtaining the necessary permits for construction, building networks with the delivery of complete equipment, technical testing networks, technical reception of the constructed facility and obtaining the use permit for going into operation.



Adresa: Dragoslava Srejovića 1v, 11108 Beograd
Tel: +381 11 2077 100
Fax: +381 11 2077 110